Create a Healthier You!

Welcome to The Training Centre! Our friendly, knowledgeable, professional staff are here to help you achieve your changing fitness/health goals throughout your fitness journey! Enjoy the welcoming environment, supportive member community – and how great you feel after a targeted, individualized training session! 

TTC has the most advanced equipment, targeted group fitness classes, nutritional products, training protocols and top-notch staff in the area in the most welcoming, nurturing environment possible! We are serious about your fitness goals and will do everything in our power to ensure your success.  With our expertise, we can design a comprehensive training program for a multitude of medical conditions such as diabetes, cardiac rehab continuation, Parkinson’s, physical therapy continuation from past orthopedic surgeries,  prehabilitation for upcoming surgeries, and the list goes on. If you need specific limb strengthening, weight loss, overall body strengthening, core strengthening or balance work…we can do all that too!

The Training Centre is the most diverse workout facility in the area! We are loaded with Matrix equipment:  an 18-piece circuit with unilateral capabilities for injury rehab or limb strength imbalances, 25+ cardio machines (treads, ellipticals, ascent trainers, bikes and more), free weight area with over TWO TONS of dumbbells (2 – 100 lbs.), and plates (2.5 – 45 lbs.), flexibility/stretching, core, balance training areas, and a beverage/nutrition center.

A separate fitness studio, that can be used for private training, has a rockin’ stereo system that motivates the suspension training, spin, pilates, yoga, HIIT, Bootcamp and other aerobic classes on our Group Fitness schedule.

The Training Centre can provide a comprehensive, targeted training protocol for anyone where you will achieve your fitness/health goals.  Stop by and give us a try!