Do You Know Food Has Taste?

Seriously.? It’s true.

One of the things I learned from years of frustration at being overweight and researching how I could lose the weight and keep it off was that overweight people tended to eat to fast.

That was just too darn simple to be true.? One night of watching another thinness guru on TV wasn’t enough to convince me.? After all, I’d tried it all, done it all and nothing worked.? OK, bring – I can prove you wrong.? His first assertion was to slow down and count everything 20 times.? Hah!? That’s all you got?? My dad told me that years ago.? Actually, he said 27.? And he used the word “masticate.”? I was 21 before I knew what “masticate” meant.

Here is what I learned:

  1. Food has taste.? Really.? There are many things I didn’t think I’d like that I do like.? There are many things I thought I did like that I didn’t.? Either way, I actually tasted food.
  2. Fresh food really does taste better.
  3. I hate croutons.? They are stale, salty and basically tasteless.? Besides that they serve no purpose other than adding crunch.? There are tastier ways of adding crunch.
  4. I hate potato chips.? They are salty, greasy and basically tasteless.
  5. I use to use too many condiments.? A friend of mine and I used to have a motto: “Food is a medium for the condiments.”? Well, when you eat salty, greasy, tasteless food, that’s very true.? It’s the only way you get flavor.
  6. I can only eat 2 pieces of pizza before blowing up to roughly the size of Nebraska.
  7. I’m not really that fond of soda.? It’s too sweet and sticks to everything.
  8. I really, really like salad.? As long as there isn’t too much dressing on it.
  9. I get full a lot sooner than I thought I did.
  10. The dog really likes steak, ham and veal.? He’ll eat chicken if he has to, but definitely prefers steak, ham and veal.

Turns out maybe this guru is on to something.? That, of course, isn’t the only thing I’ll be trying, but it does definitely give me a start.? This week I might even try eating without multitasking.? The only reason I haven’t tried it yet is that I tend to go stir crazy if I only do one thing at a time.

Oh, and how do I know what the dog likes?? Well, quite frankly, when you don’t eat as quickly, you just can’t eat as much.? And as long as there is meat on my plate, the dog will be there to help me stick to it this time.

See you on Sunday!


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