Concierge Physical Therapy and Golf Specific Training

TTC is please to announce the partnership with Dr. Andrew Dulak of Dulak Physical Therapy and Golf. Dr. Dulak provides a 1-on-1 “concierge” model rehabilitation and golf specific training. He has a strong passion for helping people recover from injuries or nagging pains through a comprehensive assessment and laser focus treatment including specific hands-on techniques to joints and muscles (mobilizations) and functional movement correction training.

Dr. Dulak is Titleist Performance Institute Medical Certified and has helped hundreds of golfers across the state to resolve physical issues or injuries that hold golfers back. He is currently the only physical therapist in the Pittsburgh area that holds a Titleist Performance Institute Medical 2 level certification.

Golf training includes the Titleist Performance Institute program with 16-point movement screening, breakout functional testing, swing filming, and a detailed report with full breakdown on an individual program to reach your goals.

How to contact Dr. Andrew Dulak:
Direct Phone: 412-437-1798

2019 Pricing

(*Approximately 1 hour, tailored to client)
$195 for non-members
$175 for members

PT/Functional Medicine Sessions
(*Injury/pain specific, 1 hour)
$150 for non-members
$140 for members

Performance/Functional Medicine
(*Sports/Conditioning specific, 1 hour)

Golf, Titleist Performance Institute Certified Training
(*Golf training/analysis specific, 1 hour)

TRAINING will follow Facility Pricing
Personal Training Fees:
TTC Member Single Session: $55/hour
TCC Member 10 Session Package: $495 (10% Discount)
Non-member Single Session: $65/hour
Non-member 10 Session Package: $585 (10% Discount)