After 25+ years in the fitness industry, I’ve used nearly every type of equipment out there.  My decision for choosing MATRIX was simple…I wanted the most effective, durable, biomechanically designed equipment available for The Training Centre!

This is a functional circuit! Integrated increment weights, independent motion arms, cushions that ensure proper body alignment & support, exercise placards with water bottle & towel holders….all in a sleek, compact design….beautiful and biomechanically designed!  Click HERE for photos.

The free-weight area, with over 2 tons of weights, sits atop cushioned flooring and includes plate-loaded pieces such as a smith machine and 45 degree leg press, crossover cables, assisted chin-dip, olympic flat bench, power rack, a variety of benches & specialty bars, and dumbbells from 2 to 100 lbs.  This is a No chalk zone guys! Click HERE for photos.

“Toys” – We have a vast array of fitness toys that will assist you in your training sessions. Create diversity in your workouts with BOSU’s, medicines balls, smash balls, kettlebells, fitballs, resistance bands, superbands, sliders and plyo boxes….so many choices for varied, dynamic training, the combinations are endless!

You’ll never want to leave the cardio area.  Besides the user-friendly and most technologically advanced designs, all cardio pieces have integrated individual face fans, yeah!  Click HERE for photos.

After riding every spin bike out there, my clear choice was the Keiser M3.  No pads to wear out…the bikes use a dual magnetic resistance system to increase or decrease tension. It has the quietest, smoothest ride with the greatest number of level adjustments available….you’ll LOVE them!