Evolution of Exercise – Hindu Wrestling

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how loaded can a video be?

For the longest time, I believed weights were it. ?I couldn’t wait to get to the gym and lift. ?My bassist, Aaron, and I used to go back and forth about weights vs. bodyweight exercises. ?Just this once, I’ll admit he may have had a point.

Jump to 2003 when I moved back to Cranberry from New York city. ?Having packed on all the weight I had lost originally, plus a few “insurance” pounds just for kicks, I was looking for a way to exercise so I wouldn’t actually have to be around other people.

My brother told me about a guy named Matt Furey. ?Matt was a world-championship wrestler who had traded weights for body weight. ?Being an Army Ranger, my brother may know a thing or two about exercise.

I tried it. ?What could I lose?

Turned out I could lose a lot. ?Inches and pounds, mostly. ?Bodyweight exercises weren’t easy, either.

What does all this have to do with the evolution of exercise?

Wrestling! ?More importantly, Hindu wrestling.

We all have perceptions. ?Before reading Matt Furey’s books, I would have never put the words “Hindu” and “Wrestling” together in a sentence. ?Turns out, there is a centuries-long tradition of wrestling in India. ?And they train almost exclusively with bodyweight exercises.

The big three exercises for Hindu Wrestlers seem to be Hindu Squats, Hindu Pushups and the good old wrestler’s bridge.

BEFORE YOU WATCH THE VIDEO – Don’t try this at home unless you check with a doctor.

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