Full-body workout

Bodyweight exercises for a total workout!  Helpful to have a sturdy chair & sofa nearby as well as a mat.

Do ALL exercises for 30 seconds, REST 10 seconds.  A little longer than our usual tabada format!

  1.  Reverse lunge to side squat (combo move).  Get low on the side/sumo squat, keep feet shoulder width apart.
  2. Seat dips – on chair, hearth, etc.
  3. Reverse lunge to step up on chair – 30 seconds on each side, rest 10 sec. between.
  4. Hi-Lo plank to push-up (combo move).  Complete one Hi-Lo plank then do a push-up.  30 seconds one arm leads, then 30 seconds other side.
  5. Single-leg hip lift – use chair or sofa for this one.  30 seconds each side, rest 10 seconds between.
  6. Hi plank alternating shoulder taps – stay in the high plank position and alternate quickly taping opposite hand to shoulder.
  7. Single-leg chair squats – back of leg to chair, sit down with one leg up, the other on the floor.  Repeat 30 seconds on other side.
  8. Bicycles – straight or bent leg (your choice)
  9. Bulgarian split squats – back to chair or sofa with one leg on the chair or sofa (shoelaces down).  Try to get to 90 degrees on standing leg.  30 seconds each side with that 10 second rest between.
  10. Jump squats – low and little, for speed.

That does it, combo moves to engage a boatload of muscles with leg work to keep that heart rate elevated.  This one can be a bear gang…..have fun!