Interval Training – A Quick, Effective Workout

Only have 20 – 30 minutes to workout?

Do Interval Training, it’s my favorite method of training! Mix body parts and cardio for a complete body workout that will have tremendous benefits all-around.

Here’s my usual protocol: One upper body exercise, one lower body exercise, one core exercise (do three rotations or sets) then 1 -2 minutes of cardio. Example: First group of exercises – Push-ups (8-12 reps), squats (12-15 reps), abdominal crunches (15-20 reps) x 3 sets, then 1 – 2 minutes of cardio (jumping rope, knee lifts, walking stairs, jogging in place, etc). Second group of exercises – Pull-ups, lunges, back extension, then 1 -2 minutes of cardio and so on. This protocol keeps your heart rate elevated, so you burn more calories!

Remember to drink plenty of water, you’ll need it with the style of training!

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