It’s Lunchtime – I Must Be Hungry

Well, continuing on with the whole “Why we eat when we really don’t want to eat” series we enter the world of schedules.

I find that if I really pay attention, I’m hungry at different times on different days. ?Why do I always go to lunch at 11? ?Well, because it’s usually a great time to stop at work. ?There’s an extra person in the office to cover phones and the phone calls are usually slowing down about then. ?Plus, I usually meet a friend for lunch and that’s normally a good time for him, as well.

But I’m not always hungry at 11.

So, where did we get the idea that timing was more important then having our minds and bodies run at optimum? ?I have visions of a White Rabbit…

Besides the Rabbit, we live in a world run by schedules. ?Have to be in work at a certain time. Church starts at a certain time. ?The kids have to be at soccer at a certain time. ?Everything starts at a certain time. ?There is a certain logic to that, but there are some down sides.

Obviously, when an event is being organized for more than one person, there needs to be some organization; a time to meet, a place to meet at and some sort of activity that everyone will participate in. ?Those are all valid reasons to work on a schedule.

But often, we short necessary functions, like eating, so we can make the schedule.

I’m not a fan of eating at the same time every day. ?Mostly because I’m never hungry at the same time every day. ?I am almost never hungry in the morning. ?I have to be up and moving for at least an hour, usually two. ?If I eat before that, I actually get nauseous. ?If I’m up early and moving early, then I’m hungry early and I’ll probably be having lunch early.

When I wake up late, I get hungry later and eat later.

Schedules can make that really hard, even if you do pack your lunch. ?Some days you just can’t seem to get away from your desk.

Get over it! ?Last week I talked about not dealing with emotions and this ties back to that. ?Sitting at your desk saying to yourself “I’m starving, but I just can’t leave,” or wrapping yourself so deep in work that you don’t take care of basic life functions causes tons of emotional overwhelm.

Sitting back for just 15 minutes while you grab some food can go a long way to making those uncomfortable emotions go away and keep the schedule under control.

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