Just Then, A Strange Sensation Started In the Pit of My Stomach!

Oh, no, wait – that was just hunger.

It’s really funny how one can lose touch, especially with oneself. ?Hunger is a prime example.

One of these days, I plan to actually count the number of times in a week that I say stupid things like “Better eat now, I’ll be on the road for awhile,” or “I have to get out of the office, think I’ll go to lunch.”

If you’re asking yourself what was wrong with either of those statements, CONGRATULATIONS! ?You’re in great company.

Both statements have the same inherent problem: both use food to solve some other issue. ?A bigger issue with using food to solve some other issue is that you slowly distance yourself from physical hunger and start trying to fill emotional hunger.

News flash! Emotional hunger doesn’t get solved if by eating. ?It gets solved by dealing with the emotions. ?No shortcuts, just put your head down and forge ahead.

The inherent problem with putting your head down and forging ahead is that it’s just so darn hard! ?It’s much easier to walk away and grab lunch than to find a polite and non-job-threatening way to tell your boss that he IS the problem with the workplace. ?And you’ve just stepped onto a merry-go-round. ?You can’t tell your boss or your coworkers that they’re idiots because you need the job, so you grab a sandwich. ?You then mentally scream at and belittle yourself because you shouldn’t have eaten what you’ve already eaten or you shouldn’t have eaten that much, etc.

Oddly enough, completely avoiding the emotions was comforting in a way, because you didn’t have to deal with the discomfort of confrontation. ?That confrontation doesn’t have to be with your boss. ?It could be with a coworker, spouse or even yourself.

You may have heard that I’m a musician. ?Well, one of the things I struggle with is time management. ?It is much easier to grab a slice of pizza and let my brain turn to mush in front of the TV instead of coming home after 10 hours at the “dreaded day job” followed by 3 hours of teaching guitar grab a quick bite and get working on guitar practice, blogging and writing songs.

Obviously, I love playing guitar, blogging and writing songs. ?But sometimes the day takes too much out of you. ?So instead of dealing with all of those creative juices, I sometimes shut them down and turn into a vegetable, which leads to eating way more than just that initial slice of pizza.

Emotions are meant to be dealt with. ?By plowing through and doing what you really want to do, you can take a huge chunk out of the need to eat for the wrong reasons. ?By telling your boss (nicely, of course!) how to really fix the problem, you deal with the emotions and don’t need to run out for lunch just to escape the office.

That’s when you start to reconnect and figure out that, yes, you are truly hungry and need to eat or no, you’re really just bored and should be playing your guitar or going for a walk with the dog.

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