Leg Workout to challenge you!

Hey gang…..here’s a leg workout to challenge you!  Do 12 repetitions of each exercise (12 each way when alternating), and do 3 sets with NO rest between sets or exercises……have fun!

  1.  Regular squats – get to parallel if you can, push back up
  2. Sumo squats – legs nice and wide, toes facing out…again get to parallel on these
  3. Single – leg jump squats – just like we do on both, but single leg.  If too difficult, do both legs.
  4. Wall sit – hold for a SLOW count of 12 with hands over your head against the wall
  5. Curtsy lunges – cross the leg behind and curtsy, getting both legs to 90 degrees.  Alternate this one
  6. Side lunges – 12 on one side, then 12 on the other side

Repeat this cycle 3 times with no rest between sets or exercises.  Take your time, don’t rush!  Remember….FORM is the most important aspect when doing ANY exercise!


Enjoy guys!!  🙂