Group Fitness


What the heck is TRX Training?

Created by Randy Hetrick, a former Navy Seal, TRX Training is a revolutionary functional exercise system that uses your body weight as the resistance. The resistance is increased or decreased by the angle created by your body between the floor and the equipment’s point of attachment.

TRX Training is a complete workout with hundreds of exercises that build strength, power, flexibility, balance, core stability, mobility, prevents injuries and rehabs current injuries….all through a system of two straps with an anchoring point!

From professional athletes that need peak performance to the rest of us that just want to look and feel our best, TRX Training is a fun, versatile exercise program that gets serious results!  Watch the video HERE.

Class Schedule – Effective September 1, 2021
~All classes are 50 minutes
~Registration starts 48 hours prior to class time
~ If two members are not registered one-hour prior, class will be canceled.
~Class admission will be closed 10 minutes after start time


8:30 AM – TRX/BOSU (Sharon)
9:30 AM – TRX Level II (Sharon)
5:30 PM – Target Mix/Spartacus (Kelly)

8:30 AM – Skinny Jeans (Kelly)
9:30 AM – Road Spin (Kelly)
5:30 PM – TRX/BOSU (Sharon)

8:30 AM – Target Mix (Nicole)
9:30 AM – Yoga – All Levels (Diana)

5:30 PM – BootCamp Mix (Kristen)

8:30 AM – Interval Spin (Cindy)
9:30 AM – Bootcamp Mix (Sharon)

10:30 AM – Pilates Mix (Kristen)

5:30 PM – SpinSanity(Andrea)

8:30 AM – Functional Fitness (Nicole)
9:30 AM – TRX Circuit (Nicole)

9:00 AM – TRX Circuit (Sharon)
10:00 AM – Skinny Jeans (Kelly)

9:30 AM – SpinSanity (Andrea)

Call us at 724.591.8445 to reserve your spot in class!