Personal Training


Our goal with Personal Training is to educate?you with?the most effective nutrition and fitness regimen for your particular goals.? These goals may be short-term or long-term and may include: ?enhanced sports performance, muscle imbalance, functional tasks, a better bathing suit body, or wowing your old classmates at your next high school reunion!

Your initial meeting with your trainer will be the information gathering and testing portion of your training program.? A packet of information?for health history, current nutrition and your goals will be given to you prior to?the first meeting.

Personal Training fees:

TTC Member Single Session: ? $55/hour

TCC Member 10 Session Package: ?$495 (10% Discount)

Non-member Single Session: ?$65/hour

Non-member 10 Session Package: ?$585 (10% Discount)

Small Group Training: $35/hour (Must have at least 2 participants)