New Member Protocol for reopening

Hello everyone!  The Training Centre is OPEN!  We are following CDC guidelines and some specific to a fitness facility.  I have personally cleaned everything in the facility with INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH CLEANERS.  The only time TTC was any cleaner was on opening day in 2012.

I have, and always will have your personal safety as my first priority, so here are the “New” protocols:

General Guidelines:

  • After checking in, ALL MEMBERS will use the hand sanitizer or wash your hands before using any equipment or taking a class.  Bring your own hand sanitizer if you prefer.
  • Please bring your own mats for classes and exercising.
  • When a cough or sneeze happens, do it into your elbow or Kleenex.  Discard Kleenex immediately.
  • Wearing of masks is up to you…could be difficult with cardio.
  • Wipe down ALL THINGS TOUCHED BY YOUR HANDS to include:  weight selector pins, seat adjustment pins/handles, bench adjustment pins, weight collars, cable attachments and clips, dumbbell handles, bars, free weights plates, and auxiliary weights in the circuit.  Might have missed something, but you get the drift.
    • All other things we’ve always wiped down:  pads, cardio frames, monitor boards, spin bikes, bands, tubing, super bands, medicine balls, slam ball, slides, footballs, TRX straps, wooden bar, bosus, and yoga blocks.
  • Use a paper towel to open/close bathroom doors.  Get a paper towel before you close the door.  This goes without saying, but wash your hands.
  • Use your arm for water fountain.  Other body parts (hip) for filling bottles.

Cardio Guidelines:

  • We will use EVERY OTHER treadmill, elliptical and bike.
  • Please bring a towel to collect your sweat.

Free Weight Guidelines:

  • Benches need to be 6 feet apart.  If you move them, please put them back where you found them.
  • NO CIRCUIT TRAINING.  You can do multiple exercises on one bench, the Smith machine, power cage, cables, and Chin/Dip assist.  Once you finish that/those exercise(s), move on to the next exercise(s) at another station.  It’s up to you if you workout with a partner.
  • NO DROPPING OF DUMBBELLS OR BARS.  IF you can’t control your last rep, you can’t lift the weight!
  • Wipe down weight belts after use.

Cardio Class Guidelines:

  • We will be limiting the number “IN” the room to (4) to keep a 6 ft. distance.  Classes that can hold additional numbers will have (4) in the hallway – limited to (8) total participants.  Those classes are:  Bootcamp, Skinny Jeans, TRX/Bosu, Target Mix, and Functional Fitness.
  • Spin classes will have (7) participants.  We can do additional numbers here due to the configuration of the bikes utilizing both sides of the room.
  • Advanced sign-up is a MUST.
  • Instructor correction will be verbal, no hands-on policy.
  • All water bottles, towels, mats, phones, etc. will be kept in your “personal space.”

GROUP FITNESS SCHEDULE:  Morning classes at 8:30AM & 9:30AM & 5:30PM (weekdays).  Weekend schedule as usual.

Monday                                                                             8:30AM ~ TRX/Bosu (Sharon)

9:30AM ~ TRX (Sharon)

5:30PM ~ Target Mix (Kelly)

Tuesday                                                                            8:30AM ~ Skinny Jeans (Kelly)

9:30AM ~ Road Spin (Kelly)

5:30PM ~ TRX (Sharon)

Wednesday                                                                      8:30AM ~ Target Mix (Nicole)

9:30AM ~ Yoga (Nicole)

5:30PM ~ Bootcamp (Kristen)

Thursday                                                                          8:30AM ~ Interval Spin (Cindy)

9:30AM ~ Bootcamp (Sharon)

5:30PM ~ SpinSanity (Andrea)

Friday                                                                               8:30AM ~ Functional Fitness (Nicole)

9:30AM ~ TRX Intervals (Nicole)

Saturday                                                                           9:00AM ~ TRX Circuit (Sharon)

10:00AM ~ Skinny Jeans (Kelly)

Sunday                                                                             9:00AM ~ SpinSanity (Andrea)

Hope to see everyone soon!  God Bless!