Parkinson’s and Exercise

Adapted from a publication in Costco Connection


Exercise has many physical and emotional benefits.  Because April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month it’s a great time to inform everyone that the research has shown that exercise can be especially helpful to those with Parkinson’s, a nervous system disorder that can cause tremors, movement difficulties and other symptoms.

Research scientists have found that maintaining regular exercise (two and a half hours per week) was associated with slower declines in mobility and quality of life in people with Parkinson’s.  Unfortunately, not much of the disease is in your control, but what is in your control is how physically fit you are when you tackle the disease.  People who exercise do better overall in dealing with the symptoms.

Our “Mobility, Balance and Core” class at The Training Centre was designed with specific exercises that target the daily challenges of Parkinson’s.  We focus on balance, co-ordination, movement sequencing, core strengthening and limb strengthening…all set to music for an added element of fun!  One of our members said they’ve seen symptom improvements with regular class attendance.