Quick Tips to Start the New Year Off Right!

It’s that time of year again to start thinking about what you’d like to do differently in 2013!

My priority would be to start with your overall health. The most important / major aspect of your health is nutrition. The phrase “You are what you eat” is so very true. You can exercise three hours a day (not recommended), and not see any results because you’re not putting the proper FUEL in your tank!

Food is our body’s fuel people, put junk in, you’re going to have junk as the end result. Start with “cleaning up” your nutrition by eating less processed foods, more fruits & veggies, TONS of water & using proper portion sizes. Remember……your largest meal should be breakfast & your smallest meal dinner.

FUEL your body during the day to carry you through with tons of energy, you don’t need a multitude of calories at night when activity levels usually tank!

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