Tabada Bootcamp workout 3/30/20

Here’s a great way to keep your fitness level up while everyone is closed.  Tabada is the best way to train for strength and cardio benefits, remember:  8 cycles of 20 sec. work, 10 sec. rest.  One exercise and done, move on to the next!

Here you go:


Bicycles (straight or bent leg)

Seat dips

Side squats -alternating sides

Push-ups (either military or knees)

Side crunches (4- R, 4-L)

Bicep curl to overhead press (use soup cans if you don’t have weights)

Low plank jacks

Broad jump to shuffle back to starting point

Mountain climbers


That should give you a great base workout that hits everything!  Download the Tabada app on your phone to keep you honest on the timeframes……have fun guys!  XOXO